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Royal Tribes and Houses

The Wei'nosho Tribe Banner PNG SMALL.png

The Wei’nosho Tribe is a group of magical Elven matveyan women. (Similar to black/African/African Americans of earth) They devote their skills and lives to the moons of Evernia and thier phases. All members of the tribe are female. They force male children and husbands to live with their brethren band the Stygianus Tribe. Only those born with the fluidity of gender may walk the life of both tribes. While all Wei’nosho women study to be healers, apothecaries or midwives, many travel the path of magic to further their skills and lend aid to neighboring kingdoms. 

Founded around 420 ACE, (After Creation of Evernia) the Wei’nosho Tribe is an offshoot branch of the Melinae Tribe. The original band of terrama. (Similar to humans of earth.) They are a peaceful and wise group of women who spend most of their lives in the holy temples of Moon Elder’s Guard. 

The Stygianus Tribe Banner PNG SMALL.png

Az’tuwar Wei’nosho, the tribes bandleader, formed the Stygianus Tribe in 432 ACE. He realized that the male presence around the feminine practices of the Wei’nosho was a hinderance on their family members. Their genetic calling to hunt, gather and protect consumed the men. Az’tuwar and five of his strongest warriors ventured out into the woodlands to find a suitable yet close place to call their own. 

During their travels they came across the Stygian Stag, a demonic creature once vibrant and protective. The Stag told them that if the men and their people remained in his forests, he would keep their women and young girls safe from his wrath, if they accepted his offer and quelled his loneliness. 

Having fallen victim to him before, the men agreed and built their own camps in the treetops of Neverending Night Forest. Since then the Stygianus Tribe has lived in peace, often lent the Stag’s power and strength in the hunt and seduction. 

The men of the tribe are often tasked with providing food and clothing for the Wei’nosho. Besides their trading practices, the members of the Stygianus Tribe only meet once a year with the Wei’nosho to find a wife and attempt to make children in the same night. 

Moonsai Tribe Banner PNG SMALL.png

The Tyliquin witch Evanessa the Mutilated founded the Moonsai Tribe in 4869 G.R. (Gailayan Rule). She and her fellow witches were brutally marked, raped and tortured by the Gails of Judgement, a rebel army formed during Uonata’s Rebellion, better know as the GOJ. Having complete loyalty to Uonata, dragon’s and the cause they both fought for, Evanessa gathered all remaining witches she could and kept the hope of Uonata’s world order alive. 

The Moonsai Tribe took refuge in Adyntia and gave their lives in servitude to the Argon’atsu’s the strongest and most feared clan of dragons. In exchange for a safe place to lay their head and food, the witches would use their abilities to keep the Gail’s at bay. 

While many Tyliquin witches remained on the light and protective side of magic, the Moonsai Tribe turned to the Craft of Sanguinity. A lethal form of demonic blood magic gifted to them by Dovium the God of Soul and Pestilence. With this newfound skill set, the Moonsai sought vengeance against the GOJ, making the Adyntians untouchable until the rise of Amadi Asana II.

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The Moonsai Tribe Is Featured In "Acrimonious- The Dragon Prince of Adyntia"

The Aganasta Tribe Banner PNG SMALL.png

The Aganasta Tribe is one of the original tribes created by Audulis Mundis (The Universe), similar to the Melinae, Artako, Amberglae and Onyxseious. Its members are skin walkers and shapeshifters. Most female members of the tribe take on the form of Naga Serpents, while the males can shape shift from terrama (humanoid) to wyrm and everything in between. 

According to legend, Audulis Mundis created the Aganasta to even the playing field between dragons and wyverns who for some time ruled over Evernia long before the terrama existed. Some believe them to be nothing more than a bane to existence itself. 

In the Gail’ihor Ve Duex (ancient history tomes), The Aganasta fell from the heavens and are said to be the offspring of the celestial dragons that aid Audulis Mundis in its creation of life. Further down the history books they are believed to have crash landed inside a dragon’s egg that created the one of the many Dragon’s Eye Lake Legends.  The Aganasta are both invasive and vicious. Where they visit, trouble soon follows. Throughout history, we can link many wars and downfalls of civilizations to the trickery of their kind.

The Oranaso Tribe Banner PNG SMALL.png

The Oranaso Tribe or Brothers Blinded by Blood is a band of male only assassins who follow the ways of Sanguinity. Terrama in race and North Matveyan in nationality, these massive warriors set the standard for mercenaries. Hired by only the richest monarchs, the Oranaso are a unit of bloodthirsty kings feared by nearly every tribe and territory. 

The Oranaso are famous for their choice in mounts. The highest ranking commanders in their bands ride Zburators while lower-ranking warriors take to the backs of the owlursus and the roc.

They are believed to have traveled across the Portation Sea  from the Glosnian Continent into Embryia around 619 ACE as an exploration tribe.

History pins them as fully formed and functioning as early as 625 ACE. They now inhabit the Bosom of Ak’Nun claiming the Lasmon Volcanos as their empire of marauders. They are immortalized in history and most known for their battle alongside the Onyxseious Tribe in Lasmonat. 

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