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The angulae.png

Created from the love between the God Aquation (Commander of the Oceans) and his mistress Anjunaya (Goddess of the Reef), the Angulae are one of the most feared beings of the oceans and the sea. 

For thousands of years, they have lured men, women, children and animals into the black depths. The Angulae have lethal voices, their songs enchant any who have the misfortune of hearing it, and while they are feared by any who cross the open water, their beauty is far more powerful. 

Also known as the two faced sea maiden, the Angulae live their lives as cannibalistic hunters who prey on the terror in their victim’s veins. Only one person who lived on land has come in contact with them and survived. Their story can be found in Nefarious J.R. Bane’s upcoming novel “The Gaili’hor” set to release in 2021. 

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