Beating The Racism In The Publishing Industry

To Write Or Fight? That Is The Question.

For some reason the many in the world think that POC don’t read, less long write. When they find out that there are so many talented authors of color who not only write but build worlds, bad things erupt. As of late I have witnessed racist readers come out from under their rocks and condemn or wish ill will on authors of color.

It is a pathetic fact but a hard truth all the same. The question though, is how do we tackle these issues? For me personally I fell that when you as a writer of color are subjected to this kind of racist behavior you should show proof of it all over your social media accounts. People need to know what we go through as writers. Do not let other people bully you into “playing the race card” either.

There is a difference between someone just not liking your work, and someone telling you that they were a fan until they found out you were black.

At the end of the day the important thing is for ALL POC to stick together in this industry. Don’t look at others authors as your competition, inspire each other and remember everyone’s story deserves to be told. This post is short and sweet but more posts covering various topics are coming soon here at the Nefarious Blog.

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