Manner Hall is a 29 year old, wife and mother of three fur children. She began her writing career at the age of 16 when she was traditionally published for her debut novel "Amulet of the Elements". Manner however started writing at the young age of 12 and since then has grown as an author and business woman. She founded Nefarious Press Publishing in 2015 and has since expanded her expertise in everything from formatting to digital artistry.

Manner is known to excel in the Medieval,High,Epic,and Dark Fantasy Genres, however she does also enjoy creating shifter novels set in the same time period.


Ayebil Kain is known for their thought provoking urban fantasy novels that challenge the rules and regulations of religion and humanity as we know it.

Ayebil focuses their time primarily on novels revolving around demonic entities and twists the way we have been taught to live in our current religious construct.

They are making their debut into the indie author community with "Zealot's Veil".


Elle J. Sinclaire made her debut into the Indie Author Community in 2017 and has since then been compiling a collection of black fiction to truly empower the black community. From tales of African Heritage to stories encircling the struggles of the black community, Elle J. Sinclaire delivers entertaining and proud representation of the beauty that is being black.


Rhys, pronounced Reese, is a talented Black/African-American woman with deep roots in Christianity.  She spends her free time reading and expanding her universe. Her talents focus on the High and Epic Fantasy Genres.  She began her career of writing in 2018 and has since then built a worlds of wonder. She is a proud BLM activist and strives to represent her community through her creativity.


Lylac Lavendera specializes in all things romance. No matter the time period, pair of lovers or issues separating them, Lilac always finds a way to give them their Happy Ever After or at least a Happy For Now ending.

Lilac spans her creative mind across urban romance all the way to fantasy and paranormal.