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the Paraxian Stronghold and its role play are based on the actual kingdom of aven'guard in the book trilogy "degradation's bane" by nefarious j. r. bane. on imvu it serves as a temporary Residence for queen uonata paraxious, her infant son and the members of her rebellion. 


the paraxian stronghold strives to be the most realistic and drama free place to role play on imvu. it focuses on individual character growth, realistic bartering, historic jobs and tasks and of course creating long lasting friendships within the writing/role playing community.

for now the focus of recruitment is to fill the room with those needed for daily scenes. at a later time other lands from the map above may be added. for those concerned about lower ranking roles fear not! you don't have to stay in that role forever, just like real life your drive and ambition will be the key to earning higher ranks and larger roles down the line.

what we are looking for

we are looking to cast and form bonds with people who look at role play as what it is, an art. a form of creativity enjoyed by millions of people worldwide in many forms.

we are looking for people who are on multiple times a week, have flexible online hours, (day,night,afternoon etc.) and who work well with other people.


the applicant must have at least 1 to 2 years of role playing experience under their belt and have a generally confident command of the English vernacular. Text speech and baby talk is not allowed even in child roles.

The applicant must also have knowledge of medieval times and or the dark ages to be awarded ANY kind of leadership role.


we know things can get heated in a good passionate role play but don't take what happens ic personally in rl.

ready to join the rebellion?

if you are someone who enjoys real role play and would like to apply to join our community you can find the open roles that are currently being cast and a description of the character and their duties by clicking the button below.






please note that an application refusal is nothing personal. we just know the characters best and if we think another role may be more exciting or a better fit for you we may offer it instead. in this community we believe in quality over quantity and will fills roles we think are most important first.  best of luck to you!