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The Angulae are one of the most feared beings in all the many oceans and seas on Evernia. Dare to learn more about this race of cannibalistic beauties? Dive into their spotlight by clicking the button below.
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A new war is blooming! Humanity wages war against dragons for the second time in history, united behind one mad king. The fate of both races leans on what maiden Prince Acrimonious will choose as his bride. Will it be Airafen Asana, human daughter of the mad king? Or will the Adytian heir choose his own race to annihilate humanity completely in a marriage to Voydonella Saven’astra? 

One war, one prince, three being torn by love. Follow their story in Acrimonious- The Dragon Prince of Adyntia. Now available and live on Kindle Vella! First three chapters read are free don’t miss out on this action packed romance by Nefarious J.R. Bane! 


“When will your realize that our power as draconic monarchs could never outweigh the strength of humanity’s hope? It only takes one army united behind one leader with the drive to free the oppressed. You may wonder, what is the cost of such an army? Our reign and our species. We owe our future to the humans who serve us.” - Acrimonious Argon’atsu.


 Rebellion, disdain and desperation ravage the Kingdom of Adyntia. Humanity has driven itself into a hellish civil war. Those who worship dragons seek to protect their monarchy against those who no longer wish to serve them. Next in the line of succession, Prince Acrimonious Argon’atsu is losing a race against his duty as a dragon prince. His parents have demanded he marry for strength and unity among the dragon clans. Acrimonious thinks otherwise. He wants to marry for love. 


His answer to the brewing war presents itself in the visage of a young human woman. The daughter of the very man leading the rebellion against his species. Acrimonious must choose between his honor as an heir or the fire in his heart. Will his efforts be enough to save his future kingdom, or will his desires leave Adyntia to burn in the crossfires of the coming war?

Five New Original Tribes Have Entered The Ring!

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